4 Years To A TV Deal

That’s how long it took me to transition… into the ever-evolving world of TV development and producing.


If you’ve followed me since I made my first short film back in 2003, you might wonder what happened to my blog posts for the last 10+ years. The fact is, they’ve been resurrected into something not just meaningful for me, but purposeful to the aspirinangelo black and white guitarg writer and filmmaker.

I’ve spent a lot of time and even some money re-imagining my blog posts from 1001 Positively True Stories and Angelo Bell Writes into a streamlined “how I did it” account of how I leveraged my films and connections and secured two TV pilot development deals with two major networks.

The book is called, “4 Years To A TV Deal” because that’s how long it took me to transition away (slightly) from indie filmmaking into the ever-evolving world of TV. Sorry if I sound like a salesman when I say, this book is a must-have for every aspiring TV writer/producer but the truth is, I believe this book is a must-have for every and any aspiring TV writer and producer.

Come back to learn more about me, this book and how you can not only help me make it, but get a limited edition copy for yourself (or for a friend).