Adapt, I Ching, Roll With it Author

I’ve always wanted to be an “author”. In fact, the first manuscript I ever wrote was a book called “The Knights” about a socially conscious gang in Queens, NY that protected the neighborhood. Later, I wrote thirteen chapters of a book called “Dar Gray: The Bellboys” on an old Digital Equipment Corporation DecMate 200 word processor with a 5 1/4″ floppy drive. I lost all thirteen chapters when the device crashed.

In 2016 I took the first steps to get back on the road towards becoming an author. I wrote a book, which serves as a memoir and chronicle of the 4 years I spent working with NBCUniversal and the Independent Film & Television Alliance. During that period I pitched to network executives over 80 times. Some were written pitches, most were verbal.

Even though I was plugged in to the independent film world at the time, and I had made several features and short films, I was a newbie at television. I started with no knowledge and had to learn everything from ground zero.

It was a difficult road filled with fear, wonder, and excitement. I pressed on. ADAPT, DARWIN. I CHING. WHATEVER MAN, WE GOTTA ROLL WITH IT.

I did.  And I got a few others to work with me and adapt and roll with it too.

Now I want to share those stories so YOU out there in this great big beautiful world, can take your interest in making good / great TV and do something with it. My book is called, Four Years To A TV Deal. 


In Four Years To A TV Deal, you’ll learn what I learn, experience what I experienced, and learn how to overcome as I did. Inside the book hold nothing back. I’ve pitched to some great people and others who were not so great. I’ve pitched with folks who gave me butterflies while others made me cringe.

In the end, after four years of pitch meetings, drafting series proposals and bibles and one-sheets, I landed pilot development deals with two television networks.

Inside my book you’ll discover:

  • When to craft a one-sheet or a five-page proposal or a series bible.
  • How to fully familiarize a TV executive with an unfamiliar subject in one sentence.
  • The truth about Releases and Indemnity.
  • 5 buzzkill words to avoid say during a pitch meeting.
  • What really happens during a pilot development deal.
  • How to avoid the two biggest mistakes I ever made as an executive producer.
  • Three sure ways to get past the executive’s assistant.
  • Why the assistant is your #1 best contact at the network.
  • How to be memorable in the room and after.
  • How to get more money out of your Contract/Agreement.
  • Who’s $%#$*@ meeting is it anyway, yours or theirs?
  • Why you should be nervous?
  • What’s the #1 purpose/goal of your first pitch meeting, and why people blow it
  • Pitching in pairs? What to do when your partner goes off the rails
  • Why your idea sucks…until you do this one thing
  • How to craft a logline/elevator pitch that blows minds
  • Who should speak more during the pitch, you or the executive?
  • The ugly side of collaboration and executive producing
  • What I mean by the Circle of Life at television networks?
  • How to vet your story/idea/concept
  • The one thing you absolutely must have to pitch unscripted/reality

My book, Four Years To A TV Deal will be available at online retailers in December 2017, just in time for the Holidays. However, in a few weeks you’ll be able to pre-order an advanced copy with a special ebook version with pictures and depictions. The pre-order form will be available via Indiegogo. I’ll post the link when it’s active in another blog post.

You’ll also be able to support my endeavors to get published by obtain electronic versions (PDF) or signed copies of my sexy action thriller, A Perfect Weapon. I’ll talk more about this book in another blog post so bookmark this blog now:

Angelo 4 YEARS TV


Crowdfunding Campaign – 4 Years to a TV Deal

In December I plan to launch my first nonfiction book, “4 Years To A TV Deal”

The book, is a chronicle of my life, personal and professional, as I began working with the Independent Film & Television Alliance and NBCUniversal. The program in place was established to bring producers from the independent film arena into mainstream TV by exposing them to the network TV machine that puts series on the air. As part of the program, nearly every area of NBCUniversal was open for access.

During the process I went from obscure independent filmmaker to be a regular fixture at NBUniversal offices on Lankershim Ave and Wilshire Blvd.  It was not an easy road, but ultimately it resulted in two TV pilot deals with major network affiliates of NBC Universal and a host of contacts, some of which I still rely on today.

I’m establishing a Indiegogo campaign to help me bring this book to life. Proceeds from the crowdfunding campaign will go towards, copywriting, editing, design, original photography, layout, self-publishing, perks and miscellaneous.

For Indiegogo crowdfunding supporters only, the pre-ordered book comes with a special prologue that details the making of my independent films Broken Hearts Club and Resurrection of Serious Rogers. These films were instrumental in steering me towards TV development and production early, when many of my peers were focused on developing web series for YouTube. It also discusses the career-ending conflicts I survived. This special chapter will not be available in other versions of the book. It’s for Indiegogo supporters only.

4 Years To A TV Deal

That’s how long it took me to transition… into the ever-evolving world of TV development and producing.

If you’ve followed me since I made my first short film back in 2003, you might wonder what happened to my blog posts for the last 10+ years. The fact is, they’ve been resurrected into something not just meaningful for me, but purposeful to the aspirinangelo black and white guitarg writer and filmmaker.

I’ve spent a lot of time and even some money re-imagining my blog posts from 1001 Positively True Stories and Angelo Bell Writes into a streamlined “how I did it” account of how I leveraged my films and connections and secured two TV pilot development deals with two major networks.

The book is called, “4 Years To A TV Deal” because that’s how long it took me to transition away (slightly) from indie filmmaking into the ever-evolving world of TV. Sorry if I sound like a salesman when I say, this book is a must-have for every aspiring TV writer/producer but the truth is, I believe this book is a must-have for every and any aspiring TV writer and producer.

Come back to learn more about me, this book and how you can not only help me make it, but get a limited edition copy for yourself (or for a friend).