I’m like the Jamaicans The Wayans Bros. used to talk about in the 1990’s Variety show, In Living Color. I have had many jobs in many different fields. My passion has always been writing. I still remember the exact moment when, as a third-grade student, I declared, “I want to be a writer.”

I wrote my first screenplay in long-hand, on legal pad, at age sixteen. I started blogging in HTML using tables before there were all these cool blogging tools like Blogger, Blogspot and WordPress. I got hit with the indie bug and made my first film in 2003 after taking a year to study everything about making a film. A decade later I found myself in the offices of television networks pitching ideas I had for TV shows.

I’ve always been a fan of sharing information, not hoarding it. That why I blogged and that why I wrote, 4 Years To A TV Deal. I’m not one to gloss over the often painful and cold hard truth. It is a part of the experience and you’ll find many experiences in my book 🙂